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Pipo’s KG teacher is getting married next weekend and I came up with the idea to prepare a special gift for her. Basket full of sunny flowers with the children’s happy faces. It was so much fun preparing it. I’ve asked another teacher to help out with the cardboard flowers, and it was the kids actually doing them. After I’d taken photos of the group, I printed them on a cardboard and glued them on the flowers. The basket is filled with a sponge and moss on top. Easy and so much better than just a bouquet of fresh flowers, in this case. I hope she is going to love the idea and the effort, as the children we really excited and secretive about it in front of her 🙂 It can be a perfect end of school gift or a farewell one as well.


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I’m in the mood for gathering some ideas for summer decorations, summer dinning and summer food. All of that slowly ending up in my inspiration folder and on my Pinterest boards. The above poster is my definition of summer and it reminds me of my favorite chill out song by Arnica Montana. Feel free to download the poster if you like it. Below a few ideas that I’m currently working on, decorating with ropes. Perfect summer detail.

All images found on Pinterest, poster designed by me. More inspirations in my summer dinning board here.

Enjoy your summer days!!!

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Being creative

Was your weekend as creative as mine? Pipo has been obsessed with two things lately; Angry Birds and Playmais, combine those two together and this is how creative he gets 🙂 We have discovered Playmais a year ago but it’s only now that Pipo started to play with it and create on his own. It keeps his busy for hours plus he get to play with the ready items for many more. And there was a flower for mummy *love*

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Easy Easter crafts

If you have young children that like to create, you will find the Easter paper crafts useful and they are fantastic as a decoration. All you need is coloured paper, paper plates, paint, cotton wool and crepe paper plus some feathers. Easy enough to copy the idea from the photos. Have fun!

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It’s high time to get creative and in the mood for the Valentines Day this year. A quick example of easy self made cards for loved ones. All you need is some cardboard paper, foam stickers, stamps, colour papers and fancy ribbons. My favourite, the roses on the heart, you can use it on cards or as a window decoration.

I hope this gives you some ideas and awakens your creativity to make your own cards. 

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