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I’m a big melamine fan for the functionality, simplicity and the bright colors. It makes any playdate, any snack looks so playful and cheerful. I use it not only for the children gatherings but also for any outdoor meals. Make life colorful and simple – I say with a big warm *smile*. Have a great week!


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And again some time has passed and I’ve been away from my computer. I’ve visited my dear  friend in Munich that just delivered a sweet baby girl, I’ve attended a charming wedding at the Baltic Sea at the Grand Heiligendamm, I’ve been busy with my work and housework as well. Slowly catching up and planning things ahead. In the meantime I’m enjoying the sunny days, green grass and my cosy balcony.

Wishing you all a happy and relaxing weekend.

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Angel for Pipo

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This year’s pre Easter brunch is behind me. As I’ll be away from home I’d already had the pleasure of hosting it. What I’m really proud of are the marzipan carrots *big smile* on top of the carrot/oatmeal cupcakes. I’ve used my ‘Happy Easter’ printables for the table decorations, available on etsy again. And here is what you can do with them:

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Monday thoughts

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This one was found in Munich at the wonderful Viktualienmarkt, among many other beautiful things there. I’ve just realized I haven’t shared photos from there. So here it goes, the angel at my home already and autumn in Bavaria. It was stunning!

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Thank you Magnolia for tagging me into this blog game. I’m not a big fan of these games but I have no heart stopping it. There might be someone out there interested in reading this *smile*

Here are the rules:

1. Publish the rules.
2. Add your photo and 11 facts about yourself. First thing that comes to your mind.
3. Answer the questions from the original post.
4. Add a new question and tag new bloggers for this game.
5. Inform them via facebook/twitter/blog that they have been tagged.

So here it goes:

1. First things I do after dropping my son the the KG – I switch on the computer, play my favorite music and enjoy my coffee. 

2. I collect angels.

3. I enjoy travelling more than anything else in life. I guess it’s in my blood. I simply need to pack my suitcases every two months.

4. I buy books, magazines, movies but they end up on my side table and I end up in front of my computer reading, pinning, browsing.

5. I love hosting parties, lunches, brunches, dinners. 

6. I’m a big planner! 

7. I’m a big dreamer!

8. I’m addicted to flea market finds.

9. I adore looking at my sleeping son.

10. Can’t drive a car without my favorite music.

11. I’m glad and grateful for what I do.

Biggest achievement? Learning from scratch and all by myself everything that I do today.
Favorite song? Sea Sand Sun by Arnica Montana
Favorite dish? I love good food
Can’t live without… my son & sunshine
I’m afraid of… the future
Favorite film? City of Angels
3 wishes: stay happy, healthy, fulfilled
I like about myself… determination, stubbornness
In 10 years I’d like to… be happy and grateful for where I am and what I do
Best holiday destination? Bali
Please join the game Marie from Etincelle Creative Studio  and Kristin from a Page of Inspiration, can’t wait to find out more about you!

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I actually think the little sailor will turn into a little pirate soon but before he does I still enjoy his current room very much.

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‘I can’t see you, but I know you are there.’

from the movie City of Angels (my favorite)

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Temporary solution

Here is what my temporary solution for my Singer desk looks like. I’ve just placed a leftover kitchen counter board that I found in my garage. Still waiting for  the carpenter to finish the wooden one. But in the meantime I can already enjoy my little desk in my kitchen.

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