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Temporary solution

Here is what my temporary solution for my Singer desk looks like. I’ve just placed a leftover kitchen counter board that I found in my garage. Still waiting for  the carpenter to finish the wooden one. But in the meantime I can already enjoy my little desk in my kitchen.


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My Singer

Finally found the one! Old but in perfect condition Singer sewing machine. As I have a new machine I’m using I don’t need that one but I’m in great need of a computer desk, it’s going to be perfect. The question is what table top to use. Thank you for your ideas on facebook. Here is what I have found that inspires me. Glass is good as you can see the entire bottom, white table top also nice, easy to clean and bright, goes well with the black, and finally a piece of row stained wood. I’ve also seen mosaic tops and the original filled with glass (in the place where the machine is missing). Well, something to thing about. In the future I’d like to place it somewhere as it is, just need more space. In the meantime I’m looking forward to more ideas and suggestions 🙂

Thanks in advance.

Photos: wohnen-und-garten, ebay, emmadesignblog, gingerpennypincher, mine.

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