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Angel for Pipo


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This one was found in Munich at the wonderful Viktualienmarkt, among many other beautiful things there. I’ve just realized I haven’t shared photos from there. So here it goes, the angel at my home already and autumn in Bavaria. It was stunning!

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Thank you Magnolia for tagging me into this blog game. I’m not a big fan of these games but I have no heart stopping it. There might be someone out there interested in reading this *smile*

Here are the rules:

1. Publish the rules.
2. Add your photo and 11 facts about yourself. First thing that comes to your mind.
3. Answer the questions from the original post.
4. Add a new question and tag new bloggers for this game.
5. Inform them via facebook/twitter/blog that they have been tagged.

So here it goes:

1. First things I do after dropping my son the the KG – I switch on the computer, play my favorite music and enjoy my coffee. 

2. I collect angels.

3. I enjoy travelling more than anything else in life. I guess it’s in my blood. I simply need to pack my suitcases every two months.

4. I buy books, magazines, movies but they end up on my side table and I end up in front of my computer reading, pinning, browsing.

5. I love hosting parties, lunches, brunches, dinners. 

6. I’m a big planner! 

7. I’m a big dreamer!

8. I’m addicted to flea market finds.

9. I adore looking at my sleeping son.

10. Can’t drive a car without my favorite music.

11. I’m glad and grateful for what I do.

Biggest achievement? Learning from scratch and all by myself everything that I do today.
Favorite song? Sea Sand Sun by Arnica Montana
Favorite dish? I love good food
Can’t live without… my son & sunshine
I’m afraid of… the future
Favorite film? City of Angels
3 wishes: stay happy, healthy, fulfilled
I like about myself… determination, stubbornness
In 10 years I’d like to… be happy and grateful for where I am and what I do
Best holiday destination? Bali
Please join the game Marie from Etincelle Creative Studio  and Kristin from a Page of Inspiration, can’t wait to find out more about you!

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‘I can’t see you, but I know you are there.’

from the movie City of Angels (my favorite)

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Angels around my house

Being once saved by my guardian angel I felt the need to surround myself with them. Placed randomly around my house I feel safe and like to feel their presence. This one belonged to my dearest friend Angela who gave it to me when she was leaving Dubai and I was about to deliver my son. Thank you dear, as you can see it’s still with me after moving 4 times since then.

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