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Kind Award

I got this award from the amazing Nattie from Simplynattie last year but with all the absence and Xmas posting I found time only now to say thank you to her. It’s as always a great honour to be recognized and to know you are read and followed. To all of you readers big Thank You!

I would like to pass this award to some fabulous blogs out there, you sure all deserve it:

Lea Helmerich from My Letters to Emily

Amanda from Homely One

Kaho from Chuzai Living

Mara from Home Shabby Home

Francesca from Passionedeco

Kristin from A Page of Inspiration

Heidi from Cherry Blossoms

Rachael from A Room for Everyone

Marie @ Etincellestudio

Carole from Dear Designer’s



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Catching up

Hello hello. After being away for 6 weeks enjoying time with family and friends back in Europe I’m back at home and in between unpacking, organizing and loads of laundry, I try to catch up on some blogging. I will have lots of things to share from my trips, amazing food I had, great shops I found, some shopping I did and treasures I inherited.

First of all I would like to thank Kristin from A Page Of Inspiration  for honouring me with an award! Her blog is about beautiful interiors, amazing travels, all that’s lovely and French.

I would like to pass this award to Renee from Rants, Shoots, and Leaves who has been a great supporter and a very warm-hearted person, also to Rachel from Little Bits of Lovely, I find her blog so lovely and truly versatile. 

That’s all for now, please allow me to enjoy reading all your posts and working on mine. Wishing all a fantastic week ahead.


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More awards :)

Wow this has been a wonderful surprise for me to have received all those awards in just one month. I feel extremely honoured and happy! 

Thank you Kristin from A Page of Inspiration for passing this lovely award to me (despite not being Italian). Your blog was one of the first ones I have started to follow, and I share the same admiration of Paris.

I would like to pass this award to Francesca from Passionedeco, for being such a great blog friend!

And who would have thought that I got another award, this time HAPPY 101 award from Heidi at Cherry Blossoms. Thank you dear for thinking of me and for appreciating my blog.

With this award I must:
– List 10 things that make me happy.
– Pass the award on to 10 bloggers.
– Link and thank the person who gave the award to me.
– Notify the new recipients of the award.

List of things that make me happy:
♥ Making others smile.
♥ Travelling and discovering new places.
♥ When both my boys (hubby & son) give me a ‘kissing attack’. 
♥ Lying in the sun with my favourite music on.
♥ Finding good deals at flea markets.
♥ Decorating and redecorating every room at home.
♥ Baking.
♥ Spending family weekends outside.
♥ Visiting family and friends in Europe.
♥ Having a picnic.

List of 10 blogs that make me happy:
1. Kristin from A Page of Inspiration

2. Kifus from Inspiration Online                                                                

3. Rachael from A Room for Everyone

4. Patricia from All Seasons

5. Allison from Bigprint Little

6. Carole from Dear Designer’s Blog 

7.  Kathysue from Good Life of Design

8. Federica from Sweet as a Candy

9. Blair from Delight by Design

10. Desire to Inspire

Once again thank you all for your support, comments and for following my little beginner’s blog. Wishing you a great week ahead. Take care!


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From Italy with Love

So now I understand how it works. I got my first ever blog award today, from Italy with love from Francesca at Passionedeco. That’s a surprise! Thank you dear so much. You have been so kind and supportive from the beginning.

I have done my homework and learnt that getting this award I need to disclose 7 things about myself and pass the award to 7 other beautiful blogs. Both task were not as easy as excepted.

 1. I live here:

2. I have lived most of my life here:

3. I would love to live here:

4. I miss this:

5. This is what I need to relax:

6. Joy of my life:

7. Can’t resist:

 The 7 beautifull blogs that I award, are the ones that mean a lot to me, as they are the first ones I made friends with.

Kifus from Inspiration Online

Kristin from A page of inspiration

Heidi at Cherry Blossoms

Maya @ Completely Coastal

Rachel (Little Bits of Lovely)

Allison from Big Print Little

Lanalou Style

All photos mine except 3. via grandcharme, 7. Haagen-Dazs

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