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Storage frame

I’ve found a perfect solution for my sea shell collection. A great IKEA picture frame Ribba that allows you to fill it with your collectables and works ideal as a memory storage. What else can you store there, any ideas?



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The art of wall art

I have lots of photos and painting that need an interesting way of organizing on my walls. I have been looking for ideas for some time now. That’s why the first one has no source as I saved it before I entered the blogosphere. If you happen to know where it comes from I’d appreciate if you let me know. But it is my favourite and I wanted to post it.  I like the mix and match of diferent types of art  and the variety of frames.

Photos: 1. Flickr, 2. Perfect Picture Wall, 3. Atlanta Homes, 4. Domino, 5-7. Skoma Hem


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