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Khussa Shoes

You might remember the previous time I went to Dubai I got myself two beautiful pairs of khussa shoes. And before I left this time for Easter I was asked to bring some for my friends. I had no idea they’d be so popular. As you can see I brought back a range of colors. They are perfect for the endless summer days and nights here in Singapore. I not only enjoy wearing them but also taking photos of the bright and shiny colors. Now I’ve added to my collection and got myslelf a pair in light pink and white. What do you think? Would you pick a pair and what color?


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Cinderella shoes

Finally I’m all unpacked and organized after my trip to Dubai and I can share with you my favourite find. I’ve been seeing these all these years I’ve lived there but never paid much attention to them untill I’ve moved to Asia to ¬†missed the Middle Eastern flare. Aren’t they just cute? I got myself two pairs to see if there are even comfy and next time to go I can get some other colours.

And here are some other colours to choose from. Any fav picks?


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Deserted space

There is nothing better for me than to spend a day relaxing in the desert, dune bashing, camping, enjoying the open space and the lack of any noises. Even though it gets very hot in the desert during the day it’s still a fantastic way to spend a weekend.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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Bye Bye Dubai

My trip has come to an end and I’m back at home trying to get organized. Before I sort out my photos (don’t have that many this time as I was busy with work) I just want to give you a quick preview of what I’ve seen. I’m very curious to see what you have all been up to, so I can’t waste any time.


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Ahlan Dubai

I’m going to be off for 10 days as I’m traveling to Dubai for both business and pleasure. It’s a perfect opportunity for me to see all my friends and visit all the dear places that I’ve missed. Can’t wait to share some photos with you once I’m back.


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