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I’ve got not much time to blog, post and surf the net but I always try to take a lot of photos with my phone. So here is what we have been up to the last days during my son’s Easter break. It’s been fun but also busy. And honestly I can’t wait to get my mornings back to myself. Selfish? I guess not just every mother’s right.

Sightseeing Singapore

Fooling around in shops

Getting ready for Easter

Baking for playdates

Flying off for a weekend

Enjoying the surroundings

Having walks at the beach


Remembering a relaxing time in Bali

And what have been up to recently? I’m sorry if I have missed your posts. But I do promise to catch up.



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Bye Bye Dubai

My trip has come to an end and I’m back at home trying to get organized. Before I sort out my photos (don’t have that many this time as I was busy with work) I just want to give you a quick preview of what I’ve seen. I’m very curious to see what you have all been up to, so I can’t waste any time.


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Ahlan Dubai

I’m going to be off for 10 days as I’m traveling to Dubai for both business and pleasure. It’s a perfect opportunity for me to see all my friends and visit all the dear places that I’ve missed. Can’t wait to share some photos with you once I’m back.


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in breathtaking Croatia. I’m totally stunned by this place, and the view from the windows – just imagine waking up and the first thing you see is the amazing scenery outside, then you can have breakfast on the terrace. Oh dear I hope not to wake up from this dream!

Photos via desiretoinspire and more


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Romantic getaways

For the Valentine’s weekend I thought of some magnificent places in the world that I consider perfect for a romantic getaway. Whether it’s a busy old city or a quiet beach hideout they are all perfect for a romantic adventure. Funny thing I have noticed that most 90% of my places on the list is in Europe. I guess European cities have that romantic flare in general.

1. Paris

2. Prague

3. Vienna

4. Venice

5. Tuscany

6. Santorini

7. Seville

8. Switzerland

9. Seychelles

10. Rocky Mountains

What is the most romantic place in the world for you, I’d love to hear your opinion.

Wishing all a wonderful time this weekend.


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Back from the winter wonderland and back to the blog world again. I know I have not been much of a follower recently but I guess you all understand the hustle and bustle of the December period. With new year ahead, one of my resolutions is to be mre out there and for you! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and fantastic jump into the new year. Can’t wait to visit your blogs and read your posts. Once again a warm Hello!

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Hello! Hello! This has really been a busy time, the last months. Now I can’t wait to just sit back and enjoy the planning and preparing for Christmas. All the blogs that I’ve visited today have brought me closer to the feeling.

Just a quick recap of the last Japan trip in some of my photos. Overall it was interesting, original, overwhelming! Too much to see in such a short time. But at least I’ve got the impression and I have a surprise to all my readers. Stop by on Sunday!


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Postcard from …


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Weekend recall

Weekend is around the corner and in my mind I’m still recalling our previous weekend trip to Bali. Mid summer is the best time to go there, the weather is fantastic, breezy, warm, sunny just right and pleasant. This time we stayed at the Candidasa beach. A bit further out from the airport but quiet and lovely. Perfect for a family hideout and perfect to recharge. We did not much just chilled at the cosy hotel, walked along the coast collecting shells and stones.

Wishing all a relaxing weekend!

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Already when I was planning my trip to Sweden I was getting very excited as I had an idea what to expect. But being there and having long walks in the woods, at the lakes, the seaside and great shopping, the country exceeded all my expectations. Above all the weather was only to dream of so sightseeing was a bliss.

For me Sweden is all about good food (shrimp salads, cinnamon rolls and pear cider), the cute cosy houses at the seaside, the landscape. Not only the sights are a reason I’m definitely coming back again but also or mainly the shopping opportunities for some amazing fabrics and home decor items. Here are my top three shops I’ve visited and shopped at.

Arvidssons Textil


Nyblom Kollen

If only time allows I should be posting some more highlights of my adventures. For now I hope you enjoy my snapshots and finds. Have a wonderfull day/evening.

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