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Spring collection

Why do we like household fabrics so much? The delicate colours and designs of kitchen towels, tablecloths and cushions takes over and we do shop for more and for new. Here is the new spring 2011 collections at my favourite Nyblom Kollen. I couldn’t resist.



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Swedish houses

If it wasn’t for the cold and long winters in Sweden it would be THE place for me to stay forever. I couldn’t stop admiring and comparing the houses. What’s best is that there is so much coastline that it’s easy to find a perfect location for your house. Here are some that I came across.


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Swedish shrimp salad

Food topic again – YES! I can’t stop thinking about  the fantastic food we had everywhere we were in Europe. It’s all so fresh and delicious. I have gained some weight so now I try to cut down on calories but it doesn’t hurt to at least post about the yummy dishes that caused the additional kilograms. Hope you can enjoy it!


Small shrimp, cooked (boiled)
1 tsp olive oil
1/2 lemon – juiced
1/2 hard boiled egg
lettuce leaves


Drain the shrimp.

Take the olive oil and blend with the lemon juice. Add dill, salt, and pepper to taste and blend.

Arrange the lettuce, mound the shrimp on top and pour over the dressing. Garnish with the half boiled egg or – as the Swedes often do, put it in the middle of the mound of shrimp and cover it. A few strands of dill are a welcome addition, as is a nice turn of coarsely ground pepper.

Smaklig måltid


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Already when I was planning my trip to Sweden I was getting very excited as I had an idea what to expect. But being there and having long walks in the woods, at the lakes, the seaside and great shopping, the country exceeded all my expectations. Above all the weather was only to dream of so sightseeing was a bliss.

For me Sweden is all about good food (shrimp salads, cinnamon rolls and pear cider), the cute cosy houses at the seaside, the landscape. Not only the sights are a reason I’m definitely coming back again but also or mainly the shopping opportunities for some amazing fabrics and home decor items. Here are my top three shops I’ve visited and shopped at.

Arvidssons Textil


Nyblom Kollen

If only time allows I should be posting some more highlights of my adventures. For now I hope you enjoy my snapshots and finds. Have a wonderfull day/evening.

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It’s absolutely time for me to cool down a bit and that’s why I’ve planned a trip to Sweden for the summer holidays . I have never been there, but always loved their incredible style. Clean lines, cool and airy interiors, spacious rooms and a perfect combination of white, light blue with warm timber. I’m hoping to learn more about that. But for now I’m just preparing and getting into the mood with some of my favourite images.

Photos: 1-2. Anna Kern, 3. Skona Hem


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