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A dear friend of mine has taken me to this hidden jewel in the jungle this week – a place where you can find Asian pottery and porcelain. For me a blue and white paradise! Thow Kwan Pottery Jungle produces a wide range of decorative items but also imports traditional Chinese ceramics and porcelain. The first visit is just overwhelming, that’s why I took some photos so next time I will know what to focus on. And I only got myself a few smaller items but I can’t wait to go back there.

Thank you Yosi!



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While I was travelling from Berlin to Wroclaw in Silesia, we passed by a city well-known for the handmade blue and white stoneware – Boleslawiec. I have always adored them, and even had a few of their typically designed mugs but never got the chance to research more about it. Now I’m happy to show you the pottery that  Poland is famous for.

Polish pottery from Boleslawiec are renowned for their beautiful hand-finish, original patterns and high practicality. All the products have a unique design, drawing from a several-hundred-year tradition of Polish, Czech and German pottery making, a distinct stylistic canon, known in German as Bunzlauer Geschirr.

Significantly, older Boleslawiec ceramics patterns have endured in many households. As an integral part of the Silesian culture, the dishes have a great sentimental value to Poles and Germans equally.

  The most common and favorite design ‘the peacock eye’

Although the inspiration came from past accomplishments, the contemporary Boleslawiec ceramics have been creatively refined adjusted to the requirements of the modern designs but still maintaining the traditional country style. See for yourself all the designs they have to offer http://www.polish-pottery.com.pl/pdf/traditional.pdf   Which would you choose? I can’t wait to stop at their store on my way back and get at least something to take home with me.


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